Saturday, September 17, 2016

Wishing for a trillion humans

Amazon's Jeff Bezos says, in the newspaper he owns"
“I wish there were a trillion humans in the solar system. Think how cool that would be. You’d have a thousand Einsteins at any given moment — and more. There would be so much dynamism with all of that human intelligence. But you can’t do that with the resources on Earth or the energy on earth. So if you really want to see that kind of dynamic civilization as we expand through the solar system, you have to figure out how to safely move around and use resources that you get in space.”
This is lunacy. We would probably have more Einsteins if we first exterminated 80% of the world population. Not that we need more Einsteins or that we would kill ppl for more Einsteins.

His rockets are great, and may someday be commercially useful for putting satellites in orbit. But colonizing other planets is a sick fantasy.

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