Thursday, September 01, 2016

Anglin defines the Alt Right

Andrew Anglin writes A Normie’s Guide to the Alt-Right, on his hugely popular web site:
Following condemnations by Hillary Clinton, everyone in the world is now trying to define exactly what the Alt-Right is. Most of them are getting it wrong.

The short story is that although the term could refer to a lot of different people saying a lot of different things, the people that it is being used to refer to by the media – Trump-supporting White racial advocates who engage in trolling an other activism on the internet – are the core of the movement, with any other groups and figures being peripheral.

The core concept of the movement, upon which all else is based, is that Whites are undergoing an extermination, via mass immigration into White countries which was enabled by a corrosive liberal ideology of White self-hatred, and that the Jews are at the center of this agenda.

The Alt-Right is a “mass movement” in the truest possible sense of the term, a type of mass-movement that could only exist on the internet, where everyone’s voice is as loud as they are able to make it. ...

Roughly four years ago, a new type of White nationalist movement began to form on the internet. This was mostly made-up of young people who were formulating ideas with minimal influence from prior White nationalist movements. ...

The defining value of the movement and the foundation of its ideology is that the Jews are fundamentally opposed to the White race and Western civilization and so must be confronted and ultimately removed from White societies completely.

Jews are behind all of the things which we are against, the diametric opposite of everything that we stand for. In a very real sense, defeating and physically removing the Jews will solve every other problem. None of this would be happening if it were not for the Jews.

It is now fully-documented that Jews are behind mass-immigration, feminism, the news media and Hollywood, pornography, the global banking system, global communism, the homosexual political agenda, the wars in the Middle East and virtually everything else the Alt-Right is opposed to. This is, to a shocking extent, simply admitted by the Jews themselves. ...

The Alt-Right celebrates the greatness of our ancestors and the glory of our historical achievements. Rejecting revisionist arguments by modern social scientists which portray Whites as having wrought evil on the planet, we view Whites as the creators and maintainers of Western civilization. ...

“Normie” is a term used to refer to individuals who have not yet joined the Alt-Right, remaining trapped in the mental-prison of the Jewish system. These people are viewed as being incapable of objectively processing information, and will instead revert to programmed slogans whenever they are presented with ideas that conflict with their synthetic value system. ...

If Trump loses, we are going to have an opportunity to very vocally blame the Jews for his loss, which will serve our purposes nearly as much as a Trump win. ...

If Trump loses, we are going to have an opportunity to very vocally blame the Jews for his loss, which will serve our purposes nearly as much as a Trump win.
He is a troll himself, so you cannot take everything he says literally.

In particular, he seems to overstate hostility to the Jews, as he despises characters like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as much as the Jews. Many ppl on the Alt Right think that the Jews are just a distraction from the big issues. Indeed, most of the mainstream press articles about the Alt Right do not even mention the Jews.

Here is the Alt Right summarized in a poster.

Update: Garrison Keillor is already arguing in the Wash. Post that Trump has already lost because the Jews in the news media do not like him.


Anonymous said...

Racial consciousness is the issue to deal with. Think of all the major things that are wrong that the AltRight wishes to correct, and they are by-products of the eradication of racial consciousness.

Consider a radical feminist with racial consciousness would still wish to have white children, and would have considerably more respect for white males than the current crop of racical feminists.

Consider a White Christian with racial consciousness. The harmfulness of Christianity and its universal charity and concern would be replaced by White people first. Racial consciousness detoxifies Christianity for Western Civilization. It may even allow Christianity to become a positive force.

Racial consciousness, of course, also ends White support for movements like Black Lives Matter. It ends also Jewish ethnocentrism which would have no power in a predominantly White country as racial consciousness is the assertion and realization that White ethnocentrism is extremely healthy.

Globalism is Colonialism minus Racial Consciousness. Instilling Racial Consciousness can make globalization a positive force. No longer sending away jobs, educating and providing skills to other peoples and races. Instead what deals are done would involve sending skilled White people out into the wider world to help acquire resources for White countries and for the benefit of White people. In other words Globalization would cease to be allowed to become a negative force in White Countries.

And then consider the positive effect on international relations that the awakening of Racial Consciousness could bring.

Racial Consciousness is the true religion.

Roger said...

Racial consciousness? Most of the world already believes in racial consciousness. Only the white Christians and atheists reject the concept.