Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Political Stupidity of the Jews

Joseph Epstein writes in the WSJ:
The Political Stupidity of the Jews Revisited
Why do so many of my fellow Jews stay in the Democratic Party’s pocket? ...

The best face that can be put on this unwillingness, bordering on a genetic-inability, of Jews to vote Republican is that Jewishness, if not Judaism, has at its center a hatred of injustice and a concomitant yearning for equality. All this, presumably, has been ingrained in Jews by their own long history as the scapegoats of tyrants. Being underdogs, the Jews ipso facto are themselves for underdogs. Republicans, traditionally, have been top dogs. Don’t, something in most Jews tells them, go there.
No, the Republicans are not the top dogs, and Jews are not underdogs.

Today's super-rich are disproportionally Jewish and Democrat. And Jews do not yearn for equality.

Whatever the reasons, Jews are just one of many demographic groups that vote overwhelmingly Democrat. Other non-Christians vote Democrat, including Moslems and atheists. So do blacks, and other non-whites. So do government workers, and low-information voters. So do single moms on welfare. So do America-haters and other fringe groups.

The Democrat Party has become the party of identity politics. The main thing holding them together is their promise to undermine WASPs and traditional American culture.

The Left has declared a culture war on Americanism, and the various ethnic groups are choosing sides.

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Anonymous said...

Jews have been causing trouble in Europe for at least two thousand years. I would hardly regard them as the scapegoats of tyrants, more the root cause of discontent in Europe and also worldwide. They have been deported from more nations than any other immigrant group. When many different peoples all end up reacting similarly to one group, one does not blame every other group as being tyrannical or evil. One sees the truth that the problem is with that one group that so many different peoples ended up disliking. Jews are genetically inclined to treat other Jews as family rather than simply other members of a racial or ethnic group. This means they act nepotistically wherever they go. The best way for them to hide their behaviour is to shout the loudest for equality but hypocritically never ever applying it to themselves. They are biological warfare on the peace of nations.