Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Obama nominates a Harvard Jewish judge

I posted yesterday about the theory that Jews vote Democrat because they are underdogs, and today the Jerusalem Post reports:
Merrick Garland emotionally recalls Jewish roots in accepting Supreme Court nomination

If confirmed, Garland would be the fourth Jewish justice on the nation’s highest court. New Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland credited his Jewish grandparents, who he said fled to the US from anti-Semitism in Russia, for putting him in position to be nominated.

“My family deserves much of the credit for the path that led me here. My grandparents left the Pale of Settlement at the border of western Russia and Eastern Europe in the early 1900s, fleeing anti-Semitism and hoping to make a better life for their children in America,” he said, choking up Wednesday morning in the White House Rose Garden as he accepted President Barack Obama’s nomination.

Born to a Jewish mother and a Protestant father, Garland was raised as a Jew. ...

Garland is a graduate of Harvard Law School and clerked for US Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan Jr. In 1987, he married fellow Harvard graduate Lynn Rosenman in a Jewish ceremony at the Harvard Club in New York. Rosenman’s grandfather, Samuel Rosenman of New York, was a state Supreme Court justice and a special counsel to two presidents, Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman.

If confirmed, Garland would be the fourth Jewish justice on the nation’s highest court, which is comprised entirely of Jews and Catholics. The three current Jewish members are Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elana Kagan and Stephen Breyer.
Here are my observations.

Garland comes from a high-status and high-privilege background, and is not an underdog.

Jews are not underdogs, as they are gaining control of our most powerful institutions.

Barack Obama would never have appointed a white Christian male. The reason is not that whites are privileged, because he is perfectly happy appointing a privileged Harvard grad, while all the other justices came from Harvard or Yale.

Democrats count on the courts to do their dirty work for them. Hillary Clinton recently announced that she is in favor of the death penalty, but she would breathe of sigh of relief, if the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional.

Obama and Clinton are liberals, but not Jews. So why the eagerness to appoint Jews to the Supreme Court? Why do they need 4 out of 9 to be Jewish, when Jews are only 2% of the population?

An anonymous comment says:
Jews have been causing trouble in Europe for at least two thousand years. I would hardly regard them as the scapegoats of tyrants, more the root cause of discontent in Europe and also worldwide. They have been deported from more nations than any other immigrant group. When many different peoples all end up reacting similarly to one group, one does not blame every other group as being tyrannical or evil. One sees the truth that the problem is with that one group that so many different peoples ended up disliking. Jews are genetically inclined to treat other Jews as family rather than simply other members of a racial or ethnic group. This means they act nepotistically wherever they go. The best way for them to hide their behaviour is to shout the loudest for equality but hypocritically never ever applying it to themselves. They are biological warfare on the peace of nations.
I found this timeline of two millennia of Christendom persecution of Jews, including deportations. Many of these items are just statements of theological differences, or discouraging intermarriage. Jewish groups also state theological differences, and discourage intermarriage. For the most part, Christendom tolerated the continued presence of Jews and allowed them to live under their own laws.

I do not really have any quarrel with Jews pursuing their ethnic interests. Most ethnic groups do, except for white Christians. But why are non-Jewish Democrats so eager to appoint Jews? Couldn't Obama better pursue his ethnic interests by appointing an African-American?

My guess is that Obama does not really relate to African-Americans that much, and that his interest in undermining white Christianity is much greater. And appointing Jews to the Supreme Court is the most reliable way.

Update: The Univ. of California Board of Regents has just declared:
Anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and other forms of discrimination have no place at the University of California ...
I guess this is an example of Jews demanded equality of others (calling it non-discrimination) while they would never accept it for themselves. If no one is allowed to criticize Zionism, then no one should be allowed to criticize White Nationalism either, or any other nationalist movement.

Update: California slightly modified the language.


Anonymous said...

It is not a surprise that non-Jewish politicians promote or support Jewish interests if they are backed by Jewish power. In fact, Jewish people taking positions of power in non-Jewish countries is completely normal behaviour for Jews. There is an immense history of this which exists out there if one looks for it. But people only ever look for it if they see a pattern which seems a little odd to them, like the relative small size of Jewish populations compared to their numbers in positions of power in their host nations. You could be forgiven for thinking the Federal Reserve was actually the central bank of Israel. And as for Hollywood, anyone that thinks it isn't run by Jews is simply deluded.

It is a mistake to accept magnanimously the pursuit of their ethnic interests. They do not reciprocate. If they did, there would not be a problem to begin with. Take this lady as just example - - it is so in your face and so brazen it is actually funny, non-denominational Jewish learning? Europe has not learned to be multicultural? I guess she has never heard of the various different cultures of Europe. Through the media, publishing houses and academia Jewish power is behind the eradication of racial consciousness in each and every host nation. Atomize the people, introduce diversity etc etc...

Roger said...

The ADL says that it is anti-Semitic to accuse the Jews of controlling movies, Hollywood, or the Federal Reserve.

Here is your video link.

Anonymous said...

Jewish goups, and the left in general, have used charges of racism and bigotry incorrectly and for such minor issues for decades that the effectiveness of such charges have waned considerably, and may indeed have strengthened the resolve of the many accused to the point of granite stubbornness. Scorpions and Turtles. The words have been used to shut down differences of opinion, and frankly to deny white people the right to be white and have white interests. They have also been used as words to bully into silence dissenting voices on the acceptance of millions of immigrants. I wonder who or what was behind all of that?

The ADL thinks any criticism of Jews is a form of anti-Semitism. So, no matter how valid a statement regarding Jewish behaviour is, whether individual or collective, no matter how true some aspect of history that would reflect poorly on Jews is, no matter what they have said or done that would be considered bad by any reasonable individual, it will be anti-Semitic to mention it. That is, by definition, one is anti-Semitic by ones very existence. To be is to be anti-Semitic. Of course, this misdirection is a typical tactic of Jewish groups, because it focuses the attention of people away from the fact that these groups in their advocacy are anti-European, anti-White and anti-Christian.

Roger said...

It is not even a criticism of Jews to say that there are a lot of them in Hollywood, or that they vote Democrat. It is a simple observation. There are a lot of very talented Jews in the entertainment business.

I have noticed that whenever I see the word "anti-semitism" today, and I try to trace it, it usually doesn't involve anyone hating Jews at all. It almost always means Jews hating other people.

Anonymous said...

This is worthy of a read Roger...

It shows the awakening of racial consciousness from a slumber.

With regard to Jews in Hollywood. How does anyone know they are *very* talented? The nepotism which they are famous for might be keeping out a lot more talented people that are not Jewish. I felt that way regarding John Carpenter. He really struggled despite some of the most iconic films ever made. Then he decided to make They Live, which is only slightly in code....

When it comes to finance they have been really talented... at destroying economies and cheating honest people out of their savings. Lloyd Blankfein? Ever see him testify regarding the last financial crisis? It was an eye opener. Selling junk as triple A and knowingly shorting at the same time. They are biological warfare. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I think they are naturally like that. No one can blame a scorpion for being a scorpion, but you squash it under your foot if you see one nonetheless or risk getting stung.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing about half or more of your posts in some way relate to Jews. Does that sound about right ? Do you think that just 2% of the U.S. population has that much power over matters in the U.S.? I guess your pretty upset that white Christian males aren't running things anymore or soon won't be ? You'll see, in the end, it will turn out to be a blessing for the U.S..

Roger said...

No, a very small fraction of my posts relate to Jews. But I have been following the US Presidential election, and the Democrat Party has become almost completely aligned to various demographic interests. The Jews are one ethnic group taking sides in a culture war. So are blacks, Mexican, Moslems, gays, and others. I happen to hear Jewish opinions more than others because I read newspapers like the NY Times.

As for the page of Hitler quotes, I don't know what to make of that. My history books never explained why Hitler hated the Jews, and I am told that many Hitler quotes are bogus.