Saturday, March 12, 2016

Only haters compare Trump to Hitler

Dilbert writes:
Can we agree that calling the candidate with German ancestry “Hitler” is racist? It sure feels that way to me. I’m about half German, same as Trump. And it feels like a racial insult to me.

I’m not easily offended, but I don’t see any other way to interpret the incessant Hitler analogies directed at Trump. If he were female and Asian – with exactly the same policies – would we be comparing him to Hitler every five seconds?

I don’t think so.
Dilbert understates the matter.

Trump is nothing like Hitler. Hitler was primarily a socialist, and Trump is the opposite. Hitler hated the Jews, and Trump is very closely aligned with Jews. Hitler was a warmonger, and Trump opposes the Obama-Clinton foreign wars.

I believe that the hysterical anti-Trump Hitler-crying activists are part of a plan to commit White Genocide, and they believe that Trump is their main obstacle.

Trump-hating thugs have just sabotaged a Chicago rally.

I saw Geraldo Rivera (aka Gerry Rivers) go into a big anti-Trump rant, say that he saw David Duke at a cross-buring rally 40 years ago, and so Duke is just like Hitler or ISIS. And Trump did not sufficient condemn Duke.

Maybe Rivera knows Duke better than I do, but has Duke publicly beheaded anyone? Has he committed any crimes? If not, how is he like ISIS?

I assume that Rivera is either an evil white-Christian-hater, or he has a mental illness.

Germany bans pork sausages:
An increasing number of public canteens, child daycare centres and schools have stopped serving sausages, bacon and ham over religious considerations.

Now members of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU party are fighting to keep pork on the menu, insisting the consumption of pork is part of German culture.
Banning pork sausages is part of subjugating the German people, and Trump would fight such nonsense.

Sailer writes:
American elections had become highly predictable exercises in demographic identity politics. As the late Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore once said:
In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.
Since identity changes only in slow, predictable patterns, elections have been relatively easy to forecast.
Republicans have become the Christian party, and diversity + proximity = war.

As the Democrats pander to the underclass/criminal class, you might get the impression that non-whites are in prison because of discrimination. But no one will discuss what causes crime:
Most of the evidence about the causes of crime overlooks genetic transmission. Yet, some research has found that once you account for genetic influences on self-control, previously identified social transmission effects (read: parenting) on the child’s self-control become unstable. In other words, when you control for genetic transmission (the alternative explanation that most criminologists overlook), the effect of parenting on self-control diminishes or goes away entirely.

Consider another type of parenting effect — one that shows up in the news frequently — spanking. Not long ago, we examined the relationship between spanking and behavioral problems in children. Once we controlled for genetic transmission, there was no spanking effect in the way that most scholars think about spanking effects. Put another way, our evidence did not support the conclusion that spanking causes behavioral problems in the sense that most psychologists would argue.

The conundrum of heritability transcends parenting.
Most human behaviors are heritable.

The Wachowski brothers were considered great geniuses after they made the first Matrix movie, but then the sequels were strange stories about killing off all the white people, and now this:
Four years after "Matrix" filmmaker Lana Wachowski revealed she was transgender, her sibling and filmmaking partner, formerly known as Andy Wachowski, has also come out as transgender, and her name is Lilly, according to a statement posted Tuesday on the websites of the Windy City Times and advocacy group GLAAD.
I am assuming that they have some sort of mental illness.

Update: The lead news story this morning was the disruption of Trump's Chicago rally. This is the logical consequence of the Democrat Party teaching voters to hate white Christian males. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton repeatedly make excuses for black and Moslem killers, and campaign based on identity politics.

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