Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Truth is Out There

Wikipedia describes the TV show The X-Files:
The main story arc involves the agents' efforts to uncover a government conspiracy to hide the existence of extraterrestrials on Earth and their sinister collaboration with those governments. Mysterious men comprising a shadow element within the U.S. government, known as "The Syndicate", are the major villains in the series; late in the series it is revealed that The Syndicate acts as the only liaison between mankind and a group of extraterrestrials that intends to destroy the human species. They are usually represented by The Smoking Man (William B. Davis), a ruthless killer and a masterful politician and negotiator and the series' principal antagonist.[
This TV show was surprisingly popular in the 1990s. It had a couple of spin-off movies, and is soon returning to TV. See also Mythology of The X-Files:
The overarching story, which spans events as early as the 1940s, is built around a government conspiracy to hide the truth about alien existence and their doomsday plan. Not all episodes advanced the mythology plot, but the ones that did were often set up by Mulder via an opening monologue.

Most mythological elements in The X-Files relate to extraterrestrial beings, referred to by the writers as "Colonists," whose primary goal is to colonize Earth. Late in the series, this was revealed to have been planned for the year 2012.
But why would such a wacky show be popular? My theory is the aliens were a metaphor.

A famous example of such a metaphor is Godzilla:
With the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Lucky Dragon 5 incident still fresh in the Japanese consciousness, Godzilla was conceived as a metaphor for nuclear weapons.[16] As the film series expanded, some stories took on less serious undertones portraying Godzilla as a hero while other plots still portrayed Godzilla as a destructive monster; sometimes the lesser of two threats who plays the defender by default but is still a danger to humanity.
The idea is that Japanese pride had difficulty directly addressing the concept that American nuclear technology had both conquered them and saved them. So they invented Godzilla.

What conspiracy could be so compelling and so terrible to get the attention of world leaders, but have to be kept secret? In the X-Files, the presumption is that the world leaders have sold out the human race for some short term gain. Cooperating with the space aliens is yielding some tangible benefits, but ultimately the aliens will invade Earth and have no use for humans. The conspiracy always kicks in to keep this secret, because the public would never accept such a sellout, and revolt. Occasionally some info leaks out, but the truth is too terrible to be believed.

So if this is a metaphor, what is the real conspiracy? The obvious choice is promoting illegal aliens and immigration, because of the word "alien". I think the conspiracy must run deeper than that, and be something that no one dares mention.

My theory is that there is a vast global conspiracy to exterminate those who created Western Civilization. That is, white males, Christian patriarchy, nuclear family, and republican government.

If there were such a conspiracy, what would be the effects?

Social policies would discourage births in the white populations of N. America and Europe, until the rate drops far below replacement. Aid would be given to Third World countries, so that they can have unrestrained population growth. Barriers to immigration would be removed, so that N. America and Europe can be resettled by non-whites and non-Christians.

Anyone who shows pride in white people or Christian ideals would be mocked and shamed, while the opposite is praised. All of the world's evils would be attributed to white Christian men. Tolerance would be required of evils from other groups.

White males would still be needed to create the technologies that enable basic necessities for the rest of the world. But once those are in place, they will be the slaves, and only kept in sufficient numbers to maintain the system.

If someone like Donald Trump gets invited into the conspiracy and then leaks what is really going on with immigration, he will be shunned in the harshest terms. No one will debate him on the merits of what he says. Those who are in on the conspiracy must somehow suppress the truth, because the public would not accept what our overlords are really doing.

If the conspirators infiltrated the Vatican, the Pope would issue an encyclical denouncing the major accomplishments of Western Civilization, including energy, wealth, food, and water, and say that we must all cut back in order to support Third World development, population growth, and migration into developed countries.

ISIS flags would be readily available on Ebay, while any flag symbolizing white pride would be banned.

Of course, there could never be such a conspiracy. Popes do not take orders from Marxist nihilists, as far as I know. But it is amusing to speculate about how the world might be different if there were such a conspiracy. If you can think of some disproof of such a conspiracy, please put it in the comments.

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