Monday, July 27, 2015

Turing movie was propaganda

I posted complaints about the Alan Turing movie, but did not realize that there was a Jewish angle to this.

Brenton Sanderson writes:
One Jewish source notes that, despite Benedict Cumberbatch being “so gentile it’s almost shocking,” the film has “significant Jewish angles” while being about “a non-Jewish mathematical genius from Cambridge University, Alan Turing, and his efforts to crack Nazi codes in the bucolic British countryside.” It admits that, given the Jewish domination of Hollywood, “perhaps it’s not shocking that the film’s producers are Jews (the clues are there in ‘film’ and ‘producers’)” — these producers being Ido Ostrowsky, Nora Grossman, and Teddy Schwarzman (the son of billionaire Jewish financier Stephen Schwarzman) who “were drawn to Turing’s story as a tale of a brilliant outsider forced to work with others to win the war against German evil.” Ah, the venerable heroic Jew as outsider theme.
He goes on to give an explanation of Jews making a movie like this. I don't know if this really explains the many strange distortions, but I pass it along, as I have not seen a better explanation. The movie would have been much better if it told Turing's story instead of ideological propaganda.

If you link to essays like this then Jewish organizations call you anti-Semitic, such as the ADL attacking an essay by Roosh V. on The Damaging Effects Of Jewish Intellectualism And Activism On Western Culture which says “The bulk of what I crit­i­cize about West­ern cul­ture was in fact ush­ered in by intel­lec­tual Jew­ish movements.”

The ADL does not attempt to rebut anything in the essay, and just resorts to name-calling. It calls Roosh "a misog­y­nist who rails against fem­i­nism." Yes, he rails against feminism, but that does not make him a misogynist. It appears to me that he loves women. The ADL seems to be endorsing the factual accuracy of the essay when it posts this sort of complaint. It would probably be calling him a white supremacist, except that I Roosh is Armenian or Persian American.

So I guess people were afraid to criticize the Turing movie out of fear of being called anti-Semitic.

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