Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Google punishes me and my links

Google has blackballed my blog, and has now refused to consider this blog a legitimate blog:
Thank you for providing us with additional information about your site. However, after thoroughly reviewing blog.singularvalues.com and taking your feedback into consideration, we're unable to re-enable ad serving to your site at this time, as your site appears to still be in violation.

When making changes, please note that the URL mentioned in your policy notification may be just one example and that the same violations may exist on other pages of your website. Appropriate changes must be made across your entire website before ad serving can be enabled on your site again.

If you'd like to have your site reconsidered for participation in the AdSense program, please review our program policies and make any necessary changes to your webpages. 

Once you've fully resolved any issues with your site, please review this Help Center article to learn more about how to create a successful appeal.

We appreciate your cooperation.

The Google AdSense Team
I have reviewed their policies, and I comply with all of them. Google refuses to make any more specific objection. My conclusion is that Google objects to my opinions, such as occasional criticism of Google, as this info-graphic.

I was not getting any ad revenue anyway, but it is annoying to be downranked so I am much harder to find with Google searches. Furthermore, Google has a policy of negative page-rank, so a blackballed site also poisons other sites. I just got this email:
Dear blog.singularvalues.com Webmaster,

We are contacting you in regards to http://bergellaw.com which has been affected, by recent Google updates. We realize that it was requested that these links be created. It is unfortunate that Google has deemed these links to be 'bad' but as a result of these links, and the updates we are losing business and experiencing financial difficulties. We would like to request your assistance in removing the links before we are required to take further actions. Below we have provided a list of instances in which our link appears on your site. ...
In other words, this law firm's site has a lower page rank just because I link to it. Normally business like links because they add to page-rank, but not if a negative number is added.

The problem is in how Google monopolizes web ads. The Google spider is not smart enough to figure out whether my link to bergellaw.com is an editorial comment or a paid ad. Paid ads compete with the Google AdSense network that generates most of Google's income. Google says that its ads are superior because they are more contextually relevant. Google has a policy of punishing sites that do not meet its standards of contextual relevance. In my case, the links to the law firm were not ads, but Google apparently cannot tell the difference.

Admittedly, Google hosts this blog, so maybe I should not be complaining. I was still using Google Reader, until it was shut down this morning. I am just reporting on how Google makes its money. Apple and Microsoft have done worse things. Yahoo search is just as good as Google, and does not use monopolistic practices.

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