Monday, July 08, 2013

Evolutionists have many ideological disagreements

Evolutionists are always telling us that it is extremely important that evolution be taught in schools, but see Jerry Coyne and Kevin Padian where they sharply disagree about the meaning of evolution, natural selection, fitness, and other essential concepts, and disagree about whether evolution is necessarily intolerant of religion.

Coyne also defends evolutionary psychology, after previously being a critic:
One gets two impressions when listening to the skeptics’ criticism of evolutionary psychology. First, they haven’t read widely in the discipline, and are criticizing either pop-culture versions of the field or a caricature (born of ignorance, possibly willful) of EP. Even I know that EP advocates don’t often publish studies that rely solely on undergraduates.

Second, it’s pretty clear that the opposition to evolutionary psychology from these quarters is ideologically rather than scientifically motivated. One gets the feeling that research on gender differences shouldn’t be done at all because it’s either designed to repress women, motivated by the desire to do that, or has the likely outcome of promoting discrimination.
I get the impression that the whole field of evolution is overrun with weird ideological battles. Coyne is frequently attacking other professors for being insufficiently hostile to religion.

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