Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Google blocks my ads

Yesterday I criticized Google for undermining privacy, and today I get an email from them saying that I could no longer put Google ads on this blog because of Little or no original content.

Really? I have had this blog for 11 years, and I have 2818 posts online. There are no autogenerated content or doorway pages or any of the things they complain about. Every post I wrote myself. It is true that my blogging has been light lately, and that I quote my sources, but these habits are not much different from a lot of other legitimate and useful blogs.

Google has the legal right to retaliate against blogs for opinions expressed, but it denies that it does that. I have occasionally criticized Google in the past, such as Google keeps all data, How Google explains its rankings, and How Google punishes. I have also criticized Apple and lots of other companies.

I don't know what Google is doing here. I don't know, for example, whether a human being even looked at my site, or whether its action is part of a systematic campaign to punish certain types of blogs. It has no obligation to tell me. I am just posting the facts. If you rely heavily on Google, you might want to know about its business practices.

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