Saturday, April 07, 2012

How to be a racist

It is still socially acceptable to be a racist today, provided that you put your inflammatory and racist comments in quotes and then advocate censorship. The obvious inference is that racial truths are too dangerous for the general public.

Josh Barro writes in Forbes:
But Lowry is running into the problem I discussed last week: he’s probably getting called a bigot because of the company he keeps. Providing a great example, this week National Review writer John Derbyshire published a kind of unbelievably racist piece for Taki’s Magazine, describing “the talk” he gives to his children. ...

If Lowry wants NR to be credible on race, he should start by firing John Derbyshire.
Elspeth Reeve writes in The Atlantic:
Race-baiting is getting harder and harder to do while holding onto your job. So, who knows, maybe this will be the piece that finally costs Derbyshire his.
While they advocate firing Derbyshire, they extensively quote his supposedly offensive views without rebutting them.

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz is another example. His main purpose in life seems to be to promote Jewish identity politics, and to encourage Jews and others to censor anyone who speaks up for any other ethnic identity. He does this by promoting ethnic animosity among non-Jews.

Another current example is MediaMatters, which exists to prmote liberal Democrats by inciting ethnic animosity:
A controversial senior analyst with the liberal activist group Media Matters is leaving the organization to start his own blog, saying he doesn't want his criticism of Israel to "harm" Media Matters.

MJ Rosenberg, who also got into hot water for mistakenly accusing the Drudge Report website of racism in coverage of the Trayvon Martin case, announced Friday on the Media Matters website that he was "striking out on my own with a brand new website and blog." ...

Rosenberg tweeted an apology to Matt Drudge last week after calling Drudge "racist" and accusing him of using a phony photo of Trayvon Martin "for incitement purposes. ...

Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz has branded Rosenberg an anti-Semite for branding pro-Israel Americans with the name “Israel-firsters.” Dershowitz, a lifelong Democrat, has called on the Democratic Party to distance itself from Media Matters. Rosenberg responded to Dershowitz by telling him to “go to Hell” and urging Dershowitz’s students to boycott his class.
Barro, Reeve, Dershowitz, and Rosenberg are all race-baiters, in my opinion.

Update: Add Rich Lowry. He just fired Derbyshire.

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Igor Alexander said...

I read Derbyshire's article. Anyone who's ever lived around blacks knows that what he advocates is merely common sense. Would you accuse someone of "specism" for warning his children to be careful around bears or rattle snakes? I hold the owners and editors of National Review personally responsible if any harm comes to someone as a result of their suppression/censorship of the truths Derbyshire expressed.