Friday, April 27, 2012

Cheeseburgers are good for the heart

SciAm reports on research that eating cheeseburgers can help prevent heart attacks:
Haar et al, from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine have found, ... When she induced an experimental heart attack in mice, mice that had been treated with a high fat diet for a short period of time showed reduced damage when compared to control mice. Haar also showed that 24 hours worth of high-fat diet produces protection for about 24 hours afterward, but not 48 hours (a double cheeseburger every other day, then?).
To make your own, be sure to consult the Boston Globe's grilled cheese melt-ability index.

Of course no one is advising you to eat cheeseburgers. When some studies indicated that alcohol was good for the heart, here is what the supposed experts said:

Also, it's not possible to predict in which people alcoholism will become a problem. Given these and other risks, the American Heart Association cautions people NOT to start drinking ... if they do not already drink alcohol. Consult your doctor on the benefits and risks of consuming alcohol in moderation.
I believe that research will show that the cheeseburger is the healthiest food that you can eat.

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