Saturday, March 14, 2009

Britain pays women to make rape allegations

Pierce Harlan, Esq.
Sexual assault advocates in the United Kingdom are constantly lobbying for changes in the law to jack up the UK’s purportedly low conviction rate for rape.

Sexual assault advocates also refuse to discuss a dirty little secret: some women in the UK likely lie about rape because they have a financial interest to do so. The UK compensates victims of non-forcible rape and even inappropriate touching over clothing. Consistent with the double standards so prevalent in this area, the UK does not compensate men who were falsely accused of rape, no matter how terrible their victimization.
British women get paid $15k for a rape, and $1400 for a claim of inappropriate touching. The claims do not have to be proved in court, and they rarely are.

Many people assume that sex crimes are underreported, but I suspect the opposite. When you give people incentives to make false claims, then people will make more false claims.

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