Monday, March 09, 2009

UK domestic violence crackdown

A UK newspaper reports:
Home Secretary Jacqui Smith was left ashen-faced at the launch of the Government's domestic violence campaign today when a campaigner accused her of using 'gimmicks' and 'spin'. ...

A poll carried out for the Home Office found that one in five people approved of men slapping wives or girlfriends for wearing revealing clothes in public. Some 6 per cent said it was always acceptable and 14 per cent said it was sometimes allowed.

Almost one in seven said women who nagged their husbands deserved to be hit.

The MORI Poll, which covered more than 1000 people nationwide, found around 13 per cent of those asked said assaults were sometimes justified if the woman was flirting with other men.

Ms Smith said the domestic violence campaign, which is touring England in March and April, would challenge the view that it was ever acceptable to attack your partner.
While they are at it, I think that they should launch a campaign against nagging, flirting, and wearing revealing clothes by wives and girlfriends.

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