Friday, September 14, 2007

Opposing the war from the beginning

I tried to listen to the Democrat rebuttal to Bush, but I was lost at he start:
The following is the Democratic response to Bush's Address:

I'm Senator Jack Reed from Rhode Island, and I was privileged to serve in the United States Army for 12 years.

I opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning. It was a flawed strategy that diverted attention and resources away from hunting down Usama bin Laden’s terrorist network.
From the beginning? I guess he was okay with Iraq invading Kuwait, threatening to take over Persian Gulf oil supplies, using oil money to acquire and develop WMD, refusing to comply with UN resolutions, and supporting terrorist Mohammedans who hate America.

Every war strategy has flaws, and diverts resources. It is our military power that keeps shipping lanes opens, protects our prosperity, and keeps our enemies away. The Democrats never make any constructive suggestions on how Iraq or Afghanistan could be handled any better. They just gripe about how they are against whatever Pres. Bush does, and tout their Bush-hating credentials.

These politicians like Reed are despicable. He should just spell out his views more clearly, and say:
I belong to the opposition party. We get elected by badmouthing Pres. Bush at every opportunity. We are spineless cowards who are afraid to stand up to America's enemies, and we have no substantive ideas for doing anything. We are real good at whining about whatever Bush does, and saying that his plan has flaws. The MidEast will probably still be a mess in 1000 years, and if we can blame it all on Bush, we can get re-elected.

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