Monday, September 17, 2007

Differences between Christianity and Islam

I keep hearing people who want to lump together Chistian and Islamic fundamentalists, or who argue that Koran quotes endorsing violence are no different from Bible quotes.

In the Bible, the violent stuff is in the Old Testament, and was repudiated in the New Testament. Where there are differences, Christians subscribe to the New Testament.

In the Koran, it is the other way around. The peaceful stuff is in the older (Mecca) parts, and the endorsements of violence and warfare are in the later (Medina) parts. Islam teaches that the later parts are more valid.

Islam teaches coercion, the subjugation of non-Moslems, and warfare against unbelievers. These teachings are in the Koran, they have been widely practiced for over 1300 years, and they continue to be taught by all major branches of Islam today. They are not just out-of-context Koran quotes; they are central to the core beliefs of Islam.

No one today commits terrorist acts in the name of Christianity. Terrorist acts in the name of Islam are praised throughout the Islamic world.

Mohammedans are allowed to worship peacefully in all Christian countries. Christian, Jews, and other non-Mohammedans have been driven out of Islamic countries.

The Christians are nothing like the Mohammedans.

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