Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Feds try to undermine Second Amendment

The feds filed a court brief defending the DC handgun ban:
The Council also found that the handgun is a criminal's weapon of choice. It cited national statistics showing that "handguns are used in roughly 54% of all murders, ..." ... These dangers were even more pronounced in the District. Within its "totally urban" environment, ..., handguns were responsible for 155 of the record 285 murders in the District. ... Faced with the evidence that handguns pose a particularly
serious threat to public safety, the Council chose to ban handguns because it concluded that less restrictive regulation would be ineffective. Since handguns present a singular danger, the solution was to stop the introduction of more handguns into the District.
I guess it is trying to argue that DC crime is much worse than the national average, but 155/285 is 54.4%.

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