Friday, July 29, 2005

Snake Invasion

Kentucky camping news:
Quincy Cook has been camping with his friends and family at this campsite for years and says he's never seen poisonous snakes until a few days ago when they were invaded.

"I had a light on my head and looked down and they was crawling everyway like night crawlers. We shot everything all to pieces, I'd say that first night we probably shot 150-200 rounds," Cook said.

Instead of crawling away like he thought the snakes would react, Cook says they acted very strange, "You would start shooting at them and they would come right at you."

Knowing some got away, cook and his friends went back to the campsite. They have now killed a total of 25 copperheads and one rattlesnake.
I'll be sure to bring my gun if I go camping in Kentucky.

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