Saturday, July 09, 2005

72 bottles a day

UK news:
A 20-YEAR-OLD father of SIX who lives off state handouts is getting the snip.

But Mike Blake, a recovering alcoholic who has never worked in his life, says he will still stay at home and live off the family?s £800-a-month benefits.

He claims looking after his kids with his unemployed wife Kathleen, 24, will always be his full-time job.

Blake first became a dad aged just 13 after a one-night stand with a girl.

He met Kathleen in a pub when he was 15 and they got married the day before his 17th birthday.

They are parents to Sarah, seven, Jordan, four, Courtney, three, Kia, two, and eight-month-old Stacey Leigh.

They all live rent-free in a three-bedroom house in Pontypridd, South Wales, where Blake also gets incapacity benefit for his drink problem.

He says he used to drink 72 bottles of beer a day.

Now he has booked himself in for a vasectomy.

Blake said: ?I?m on the waiting list. I should have it in about three weeks.?

Admitting they live solely on handouts, Blake added: ?That?s the best way. We can stay at home.?
The UK is famous for its lousy treatment for responsible fathers. Apparently there are irresponsible fathers who get treated pretty well. Makes no sense to me.

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