Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fewer CS majors

NBC news:
The researchers came up with an interesting ? yet disturbing ? conclusion. While adults, many of them women and minorities, are realizing they have to go out and obtain degrees in computer science to advance or just keep up at the workplace, the ?traditional? young students in four-year colleges are increasingly deciding not to major in computer science.

In fact, as the technology-dependent United States struggles to stay ahead of the Bangalores of the world, the Higher Education Institute at the University of California-Los Angeles found significantly fewer students at the college level ? 60 percent fewer ? wanted to study computer science in 2004 as opposed to the year 2000.

And what is even more alarming are the low numbers of young women pursuing computer science at the college level ? current numbers are the same as in the 1970?s. Yet in terms of demographics, women comprise more than half of the current college population.
Simple supply and demand. Bill Gates says that he wants more computer scientists, but the jobs just aren't there anymore. Too much work is being outsourced to India and China.

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