Sunday, July 24, 2005

Flawed DV policies

I understand why feminists promote the criminalization of domestic violence. They want to punish men. Furthermore, feminists see it as a way of empowering women, because it allows them to put their husbands and boyfriends in jail whenever they want.

But it is strange that they promote mandatory arrest and no-drop prosecution. These are policies that require police to make arrests and DAs to prosecute, once a complaint has been made. The policies dis-empower victims because it removes their option to drop the charges.

As I understand the theory, the policies are based on the premise that women are incompetent liars who are unable to act in their own interests.

The result of these policies is that women no longer have the option of calling cops to resolve minor disputes. If a wife has a fight, then she must ignore it, or betray her husband in a way that will probably end the marriage. The predictable outcome is fewer domestic violence calls to the cops, and more marriages destroyed.

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