Wednesday, September 18, 2002

eMoo says that Berkeley (Calif USA) has pulled ahead of Santa Cruz in wacky political moves when Berkeley passed this resolution: "The Council of the City of Berkeley hereby declares that the space 60 kilometers and above the City of Berkeley is a space-based weapons free zone". Hmmm. We are doing our best here in Santa Cruz. Yesterday, Santa Cruz officials were giving out free marijuana at City Hall. The enthusiastic crowd of 1000 supporters included many pet dogs, a pet snake, dancers, drummers, and protesters holding signs including: "DEA Go Away" and "U.S. Out Of Santa Cruz."

A Santa Cruz couple was fined $5000 for cutting down a blue gum eucalyptus true on their property. The trees are non-native and are considered pests.
A local politician said, "A tree is a living being, and every one is valuable. I don't see any reason to discriminate or live in fear of them." [LA Times or blog]

UC Santa Cruz doesn't want to destroy its redwood stumps as it builds new buildings, so it found a new home at Cal Poly, 100 miles down the coast.

Update: Here is the mayor of Santa Cruz writing about defying federal marijuana laws. He says, "medical marijuana is a cost-effective way to treat people with chronic pain". That may be true, but it hasn't been proved, and marijuana is still illegal under federal law. Maybe these leftists ought to join the movement to limit federal jurisdiction.

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