Friday, April 05, 2024

New Laws to Pay Pregnant Women

The London Guardian reports:
The Republican-led Kentucky senate voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to grant the right to collect child support for fetuses, advancing a bill that garnered bipartisan support despite nationwide fallout from a controversial Alabama decision also advancing “fetal personhood”.

The measure would allow a parent to seek child support up to a year after giving birth to retroactively cover pregnancy expenses. The legislation – Senate Bill 110 – won senate passage on a 36-2 vote with little discussion to advance to the House. Republicans have supermajorities in both chambers. ...

Kentucky is among at least six states where lawmakers have proposed measures similar to a Georgia law that allows child support to be sought back to conception.

A federal Unborn Child Support Act has also been proposed, with support from Speaker Mike Johnson. The proposal pretty extreme:
“(35) provide that the State will establish and enforce child support obligations of the biological father of an unborn child (and subsequent to the birth of the child) to the mother of such child provided that—

“(A) the mother has requested payment of such child support obligations;

“(B) the start date for such obligations may begin with the first month in which the child was conceived, as determined by a physician (and shall begin with that month if the mother so requests);

“(C) payments for such obligations may be retroactively collected or awarded, including in the case where paternity is established subsequent to the birth of the child;

“(D) the payment amount for such obligations shall be determined by a court, in consultation with the mother, taking into account the best interests of the mother and child;

“(E) any measure to establish the paternity of a child (born or unborn) shall not be required without the consent of the mother;

So payments will be required based on the mom's demands, on her best interests, based on consulting her, and not even having a paternity test if che objects to it.

Under existing abortion law, the pregnant women can kill the fetus without consulting or notifying the dad. Maybe he will be paying child support, up to the date of termination.

Most people think child support laws are to support the child. Not really. There is no requirement that the money be spent on the child. The law is a feminist plot to obsolete marriage, and force men to split their incomes with women, outside of marriage law.

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