Saturday, April 20, 2024

Cofnas Fired for criticizing Diversity

The London Telegraph reports:
Nathan Cofnas, an early career research fellow in the Faculty of Philosophy, is reported to have had his research affiliation with Emmanuel College terminated.

The lecturer had said that in a meritocracy, “blacks would disappear from almost all high-profile positions outside of sports and entertainment” and dismissed racial equality as “based on lies”. ...

“The committee first considered the meaning of the blog and concluded that it amounted to, or could reasonably be construed as amounting to, a rejection of diversity, equality and inclusion policies,” the newspaper quoted the letter as saying.

“The committee concluded that the core mission of the college was to achieve educational excellence and that diversity and inclusion were inseparable from that. The ideas promoted by the blog therefore represented a challenge to the college’s core values and mission.” ...

a 2019 article by Mr Cofnas claiming that there were “gaps” in IQ between different racial groups.

No academic freedom anymore.

If Cofnas were wrong on the facts, someone would write an academic paper proving him wrong. Nope. They fire him because he is right.

I have previously mentioned Cofnas, such as here, on Jewish evolutionary strategy. I do not think he is always right, but he addresses important issues with reason and data.

In a survey of taboo questions, the intersection of race and IQ tops the list.

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CFT said...

A progressive loves to talk about diversity... heaven help them should they ever actually encounter it. The color of your skin isn't an indication of how diverse you are. Neither are your bedroom habits.

If you believe that skin color being 'represented' for a abstract 'group' is more important than the ability of an actual individual person, congratulations, you're a racist.

Bigotry isn't based on minority/majority arguments, those are just excuses to justify the bigotry that favors your particular dog in the hunt. If you are going to say that everything is about power, by that same silly argument I can easily argue this includes any minority who has power as well. You can't single out a single group as being wrong for what every group (including your own) does without much notice.