Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Biden continues to push Evil Policies

The Biden admministration has been a disaster for migrant inflow, inflation, foreign wars, and DoJ lawfare.

Here are some lesser policies that are also disasters. AP reports:

The Sheetz convenience store chain has been hit with a lawsuit by federal officials who allege the company discriminated against minority job applicants.

Sheetz Inc., which operates more than 700 stores in six states, discriminated against Black, Native American and multiracial job seekers by automatically weeding out applicants whom the company deemed to have failed a criminal background check, according to U.S. officials.

In other words, Blacks are criminals but employers have to hire them anyway.

FIRE reports:

Today the Department of Education released troubling new rules on how colleges investigate campus sexual misconduct allegations. The bottom line: Students who find themselves in a campus hearing are now less likely to receive a fair shake. ...

The rules:

  • Eliminate the right to a live hearing to contest the allegations.
  • Eliminate the right to cross-examine one’s accuser and witnesses.
  • Weaken the right to be represented by lawyers in campus sexual misconduct expulsion proceedings.
  • Require colleges to adopt a definition of sexual harassment which will inevitably be used to censor constitutionally protected speech.
  • Allow for the return of the “single-investigator” model, in which a single administrator serves as prosecutor, judge, and jury.
And Biden is pushing transgender grooming in the schools.

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