Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Your Politics, written in your Face

PsyPost reports:
A new study in Denmark used machine learning techniques on photographs of faces of Danish politicians to predict whether their political ideology is left- or right-wing. The accuracy of predictions was 61%. Faces of right-wing politicians were more likely to have happy and less likely to have neutral facial expressions. Women with attractive faces were more likely to be right-wing, while women whose faces showed contempt were more likely to be left-wing. The study was published in Scientific Reports.
Wikipedia explains:
Physiognomy (from the Greek φύσις, 'physis', meaning "nature", and 'gnomon', meaning "judge" or "interpreter") is the practice of assessing a person's character or personality from their outer appearance—especially the face. ...

Physiognomy as a practice meets the contemporary definition of pseudoscience[1][2][3] and it is so regarded among academic circles because of its unsupported claims; popular belief in the practice of physiognomy is nonetheless still widespread and modern advances in artificial intelligence have sparked renewed interest in the field of study. The practice was well-accepted by ancient Greek philosophers, but fell into disrepute in the Middle Ages while practised by vagabonds and mountebanks. ...

Due to its legacy of racism and junk science masquerading as criminology, the scientific study or even discussing the relationship between facial features and character have become taboo. However, science has uncovered many links between character and facial appearance.

One of the reasons AI is considered dangerous is face recognition. It does not just figure out your name and address. AI estimates your moral worth as a human being.

For a century, mainstream scientists have been able to tell everyone that physiogonomy is bogus. Now they will have to suppress AI.

Update: Yuval Noah Harari, the weirdo Israeli Sapiens author, says that AI could have identified him as gay before he knew himself.


CFT said...

I wait with anticipation for when everyone's IQ can be determined by an AI counting the bumps on our heads, allowing certain more enlightened folk to determine our very futures without even having to lift a finger. Ah SCIENCE! Isn't it grand?

My spiritual beliefs as far a computer science (and the rest of science) is concerned has and always will be my unwavering belief in almighty GIGO. It has never lead me wrong.

I would simply ask: Why does any sane intelligent person want to be in a position where they are magnitudes dumber and slower than whoever controls them? I'm actually growing quite tired of people who THINK they are intelligent telling me that if we don't create a computer overlord, god forbid, someone else will... This is not the reasoning of a sane person.

If you had been the first person who discovered fire, you would have also discovered everyone else had it less than five minutes later. You can't win an arms race by inventing something your opponents can merely copy, mass produce, and use against you before you can even patent it.

China isn't terribly creative, but they are quite good at stealing other's technology to make up for it.

CFT said...

I was looking at the pictures of the politicians again...
The politicians on the left have a fake smile, it looks plastered on and it doesn't touch their eyes.
When people are authentically smiling, their eyes are influenced by the gesture, usually generating more wrinkles and slightly more open eyelids and pupils.