Sunday, June 18, 2023

Jewish Rabbi finds Gender Fluidity Everywhere

Slate, a typical leftist site, reports:
Rabbi Daniel Bogard cuts a distinctive figure when he walks into the Missouri state Legislature. He’s usually wearing a yarmulke. And he’s always got something to say. He’s testified in favor of gun control and abortion rights, but over the past couple of years, his primary focus has been trying to block legislation targeting trans kids. This is important to the rabbi because one of his three kids is trans. ...

“There’s been a real change over the years,” he said. “Early on, the legislators would sit up when I would start talking. And over these three, four, or five years, it’s been wild watching them become antisemitic before our eyes as they’ve realized just how progressive the Jewish community is, particularly when it comes to issues like trans kids and abortion.”

When Rabbi Daniel mentions antisemitism here, one of the things he’s talking about is the assumption many Missouri legislators seem to be making that there is an underlying religious case against trans people. As the leader of a Jewish congregation, Rabbi Daniel looks at the Bible and sees evidence of gender fluidity everywhere. To him, implying otherwise amounts to a rejection not just of his trans kid, but his belief system.

There are a lot of Orthodox Jews who are firmly against transgenderism and abortion. But among the politically active Jews, he is right that they are extreme Leftists. They will sell out their own kids if it helps undermine Christianity. He is raising his 9-year-old girl as a boy.

Yes, there is a religious case against transgenderism. This Rabbi is not even religious, as Christians understand the term. Here he argues based on what ancient rabbis taught:

There have always been trans people. There will always be trans people. It’s just another way of being human. And so when you look closely at Jewish history and Jewish texts, there have always been trans Jews, and there have always been texts about trans Jews. The early rabbis living 2,000 years ago or so look around, and it’s just self-evident to them that there are more than two biological genders. They describe six, seven, eight in the Mishnah — again, this is an 1,800-year-old text we’re talking about. The normative Jewish understanding of the Adam and Eve story is not that Eve was a rib, but that the first human being, Adam (“earth being”) — the word kind of means “mud being” — was created back-to-back with male and female characteristics, which is to say that Jewish mythology says that the first human being was a nonbinary intersex person and that this Adam was only split in half later and turned into Adam and Eve as gendered beings.
Christians would say that if God created two sexes out of a mud being, then we should accept that, and not try to change back to what ancient rabbis thought was self-evident.
So what were you hearing people say that got you so riled up?

They bring in fake doctors who say terrible things about how being trans is a mental illness. ... My kid isn’t mentally ill. My kid is a really well-adjusted child. And he always has been.

His daughter suffers gender dysphoria. Probably caused by mentally ill parents. It is the transgender community that very much wants it to be labeled a mental illness, because they want medical insurance to pay for surgeries, drugs, and psychotherapies. Jews are big believers in such nonsense. She will be in therapy the rest of her life.

Jews seek ethnic cohesion by telling Holocaust scare stories. Sure enough, he compare laws on two biological sexes to the Jewish Holocaust:

Yeah, this is not the Holocaust, what is happening. Very clearly, thank God. And I hope we don’t get anywhere like that. But I certainly understand the Holocaust. And I understand Germany in the late ’20s, early ’30s in a way that I never thought I would, because I see it. I see the way that fear and disgust and misinformation about a tiny, vulnerable minority can be weaponized by a political minority to hold on to power.
He goes on to explain that he started a camp for trans kids, so that they could swim with other trans kids without being embarrassed about wearing a wrong-sex swim suit.

This is really sick. I post this to point out the Jewish thinking behind a lot of transgenderism.

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CFT said...

Someone really should do a study of gender dysphoria, in how it relates to the child's home life, particularly the parents, and their mental condition.

There really isn't any polite way to say it but, actual children born intersex is extremely rare statistically and can't account for the bizarre statistical anomaly that is trans. The number of children now 'self identifying' as 'trans' is far out of proportion of anything historically, and strangely only occurs at these levels in extremely left leaning communities most of the time. This has all the markings of social media trendy behavior gone mass psychosis. Bill Maher (you know, the RIGHT WING EXTREMIST) has pointed out quite concisely:

"If this spike in trans children is all-natural, why is it regional? Either Ohio is shaming them or California is creating them.

It’s like that day we suddenly all needed bottled water all the time. If we can’t admit that, in certain enclaves, there is some level of trendiness to the idea of being anything other than straight, then this is not a serious, science-based discussion, it’s a blow being struck in the culture wars using children as cannon fodder."