Sunday, June 11, 2023

The Problem with Female Leads

I agree with this video:
Why Modern Movies Suck - The Strong Female Character

One of the most tiresome tropes of the past ten years in moviemaking is the "Strong Female Character." Not women who are smart, capable, well written and complex, but bland, boring, superficially "strong" characters designed to pander to simplistic ideals of female empowerment.

A lot of new movies have female leads, but they are usually implausible and annoying.

The Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, has just died in prison. Besides being a notorious terrorist, he was a brilliant thinker.

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CFT said...

It's good to see that The Critical Drinker is gaining attention to his somewhat inebriated observations about the deterioration of Hollywood and woke media via the not so subtle "THE MESSAGE" (basically woke politics on steroids in very poorly written stories).

The Drinker especially hates the woke trend of creating a 'Mary Sue', a heroic female protagonist who has no character flaws, everyone including their enemies loves them or envies them, and they are the best at everything without trying, regardless of whether or not they have even tried to do something before. Mary Sues usually spend much of their screen time showing up any male counterpart to being far inferior, and usually portray men as toxic and incompetent is incredibly popular in almost all woke/lesbian/feminist fan-fiction/revenge porn (i.e. She Hulk, Bat Woman, the live action Mulan, Rey Skywalker, Ms. Marvel, etc). Such a character usually has no heroic story arc to speak of, lacks any distinct personality other than being insufferably modest in how over-powered they are, and has no distinct accomplishments since they are already perfect just the way they are and tend to be utterly boring, (they have no room for character growth).