Saturday, December 03, 2022

Watching the Three Scoundrels

Nearly everyone, on the Right and the Left, is lining up to denounce three men, and everyone associated with them.

From a disreputable site, here they are on a video:

On Thursday, Ye [Kanye West] appeared with Nick Fuentes on the Alex Jones Show.
Jews are leading the charge. Particularly infuriating to them, there is a Jew on the podcast, and those on the podcast deny that they have anything against Jews.

I watched some of it, and it is hard to figure out what all the fuss is about. The three have some opinions, and express some disagreements with each other.

Those who attack Fuentes consistently call him a White supremacist and a Holocaust denier. He is neither, as you can see from this podcast. He is mainly a believer in America First, and also in Catholicism.

West spent much of his time promoting Christianity.

These three have their eccentricities, but nothing to justify the extreme attacks and censorship.

Nobody ever gets attacked like this, unless he is telling some truth is scary to them.

If people disagree with these three, that's fine. I have my disagreements also. Express them. But if the ones just cvalling for condemnation are the evil ones.

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