Sunday, December 04, 2022

The Top Trump-Hater at Twitter

Tweet from a left-wing journalist:
If you listen to this person talk -- how he speaks and what he says: about how "traumatized" he and his fellow censors are -- and then realize he's spent the last several years in charge of Twitter's censorship regime, everything starts to make sense:

Truly incredible -- former Twitter executive @yoyoel, who just got caught fabricating a fake justification for censoring a media outlet, says the decision to ban Trump after Jan 6 was impelled by the "trauma" he and other "content moderators" experienced online that fateful day

Yoel Roth seems to be a real piece of work. Example:
Roth said in an interview on the University of Pennsylvania website that much of the work he did for his Ph.D. was about the “intersection of technology and sexuality.” Roth said that, “I’m particularly interested in how things like masculinity are constructed both in and through technology.” Roth added, “Most of my interests are in the construction of gay masculinity.” Roth said he was tracking how “notions of masculinity” had changed since the gay rights movement began.

Roth said in the same interview that his original plan when he began studying at The Annenberg School was to study video games. Roth said that after learning about how communications encompassed many of his interests, “video games went out the window.” Roth also said that the “beauty of Annenberg is that nobody here really knows what communications means.”

This guy is obviously emotionally disturbed, and never should have been in charge of censoring political messages.

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