Sunday, December 25, 2022

Merry Christmas

Here is an example of Chriatianity under attack in the USA. A college professor was fired for showing the immages below in an art class.
Aram Wedatalla, a Hamline senior and the president of Muslim Student Association (MSA), was in the class at the time the photos were shared.

“I’m like, ‘this can’t be real,’” Wedatalla told the Oracle. “As a Muslim, and a Black person, I don’t feel like I belong, and I don’t think I’ll ever belong in a community where they don’t value me as a member, and they don’t show the same respect that I show them.” 

She does not belong in any American college, or an any civilized society. The art is from the Islamic world, and does not violate any Islamic teachings. Islam teaches against worshipping images, but no one was.

She is not offended by the art. Moslem believe in making others submit, and the art is just an excuse for doing that.

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