Sunday, August 28, 2022

Why Salman Rushdie was Stabbed

Here is a video explaining the background, from Ex-Muslims of North America, defending Rushdie. I am all in favor of free speech, but have a few observations.

Blasphemy is a capital crime, under Islamic law. And Islam believes in Jihad against its enemies.

Apostasy is a capital crime, under Islamic law. Rushdie was born a Moslem, and that means he must be a Moslem for life. He has no right to leave the faith.

The book is trash, with no serious literary or scholarly value. People defend it as free speech, but no one says that he learned anything from it.

The book is fiction. It is not a serious criticism of Islam. It is a fictional fantasy in which Muhammed is the Devil, his wives were prostitutes, and the Koran is evil

Rushdie wrote the book to be as deliberately inflammatory to the Islamic World as possible, in order to increase sales.

Rushdie is a leftist. Leftism has become, more than anything else, all about punishing those with objectionable viewpoints.

I am all for free speech, and would like to see more serious criticism of religion. But Rushdie has provided us with none.

A free Western society is incompatible with Moslem immigration. We should keep out Rushdie as well as those trying to kill him. No good has ever come from importing such people into the USA.


Vatsmith said...

You seem a little confused. If you don't like The Satanic Verses then by all means don't read it, but neither you nor anybody else has any right to tell me what novels I may or may not read.

Roger said...

Your complaint is with the Mostlem world, not me.

Anonymous said...

If you provoke a bull, expect a chase...and a good prospect of being gored.

An atheist complaining about the evils of religion being intolerant and violent is someone who hasn't paid the least bit of attention to the 20th century. Various secularist regimes of the last 120 years have been incredibly accumulating a death count much higher than all previous recorded human conflicts combined.

This is not to say religions have not been violent at times, It's only to say atheists have been consistently far better at getting people killed.

Roger said...

Atheists have also proved remarkably intolerant of other viewpoints. Today in the USA, it is largely atheists who are leading the fight to cancel scholars and others for telling the truth.

CFT said...

Nothing has changed, except the zealots now dominate science instead of religion.

Controlling others is the motivation, not enlightenment.