Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Trump Plays 3-D Chess

In the 2015-15 presidential campaign, about once a week some event would put Donald Trump on the front page of the news. Each week his enemies cheered that the latest scandal was going to be the one to destroy.

It soon became obvious that this was a campaign strategy. His enemies controlled the controlled the press, and accused Trump of being a publicity-seeking narcissist, but they gave him the coverage anyway in the hopes of destroying him.

Trump was playing 3-D chess. He outsmarted them all, and got elected.

Now Trump has been out of office for 1.5 years, and his name is in the NY Times about twice as often as President Biden. He still owns the press.

Here is a typical NY Times story:

Liberal excitement is understandable. Mr. Trump faces potential legal jeopardy from the Jan. 6 investigation in Congress and the Mar-a-Lago search. They anticipate fulfilling a dream going back to the earliest days of the Trump administration: to see him frog-marched to jail before the country and the world.

But the nightmare wouldn’t stop there. What if Mr. Trump declares another run for the presidency just as he’s indicted and treats the trial as a circus illustrating the power of the Washington swamp and the need to put Republicans back in charge to drain it?

There is an obvious risk: If Mr. Trump runs again, he might win.

How many times will this story play out, before his enemies figure it out?

There are no criminal accusations against Trump that would stick in court. It is all just dopey leftist salivating by his haters.


MikeAdamson said...

The idea of Donald Trump playing 3D chess is very amusing.

CFT said...

What is even more amusing is the very idea of Joe Biden trying to play tic tac toe.
Compared to Joe, Donald is actually quite impressive.