Saturday, August 27, 2022

America Was Destroyed in My Lifetime

Paul Craig Roberts writes:
I am a member of a fading generation of Americans who grew up in the 1940s and 1950s when the United States was a nation. I was a member of a homogeneous population with a common language, Christian religion, common morality, and shared values and outlook. In Atlanta Georgia of those years people in middle class neighborhoods didn’t bother to lock their doors, and 5-year olds could safely walk a mile to school. There was conformity, but it was because we were in agreement. Life was good. Families were large and close. Neighborhood schools were run by teachers and parents (PTA). Discipline prevailed because of upbringing, not from abusive enforcement. There were no police in the schools. ...

The immigration bill opened the US to massive inflows of no longer enculturated persons. Assimilation was replaced with multiculturalism, and the nation was replaced with a Tower of Babel.

The consequence has been that today the US is no longer a nation. It is a geographical location that is a tower of babel in which rights depend on whether you are an “oppressed minority” or a “white oppressor.” There are no common values, no common morality or social mores, no common religion or language. The immigrant-invaders look at the weak and unsure white population, made guilty by years of brainwashing, and see that their time is coming. ...

No American born in the 21st century, or even in the 1990s, has ever experienced a free country. The young have no idea of what has been stolen from them. The American youth are being trained to be happy in a virtual world where they will enjoy artificial and meaningless freedoms that do not threaten the power that rules over them.

In my lifetime I have watched a free country disintegrate into a police state that no aware person could possibly defend. Yet Washington has an army of FBI, CIA, NSA, and federal prosecutors whose job it is to persecute patriots and to cover up elections stolen by Democrats.

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