Friday, July 29, 2022

Wikipedia says Jews are not Smart

Jews run the world more than any other ethnic group. The leading explanation for this was that Jews were smarter, and therefore more successful.An anonymous Quillette essay reports:
In October 2020, Wikipedia’s “Ashkenazi Jewish intelligence” article was nominated for deletion the seventh time. ...

After the article’s deletion, this stated plan to recreate it turned out to be a false promise. Instead, references to high average IQ among Ashkenazi Jews were subsequently removed from every other Wikipedia article in which this topic had been discussed, including the “List of Jewish Nobel laureates” article and the general “Ashkenazi Jews” article, with edit summaries stating that the various papers, articles, and books discussing this topic were no longer reliable sources.

So why do Jews run the world? If it is not their intelligence, the next leading theory is that there is international conspiracy of Jews favoring their own kind.

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