Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Ukraine Needs Pride Parades

Why are we fighting a war in Ukraine? RT reports:
A petition calling on Volodymyr Zelensky to legalize gay marriage will be considered by the Ukrainian president after it attracted 25,000 signatures. While Ukrainian flags have been flown at pride parades throughout the Western world, gay marriage is extremely unpopular in Ukraine itself.

Filed in early June, the petition recently passed 25,000 signatures, a threshold that means Zelensky must respond. Referencing the current conflict in Ukraine, the petition reads “at this time, every day can be the last. Let people of the same sex get the opportunity to start a family and have an official document to prove it. They need the same rights as traditional couples.” ...

Although Ukraine under Zelensky has been pursuing greater integration with the West, gay rights activists at home seem unhappy with the comedian-turned-president. For instance, while Zelensky signed a joint statement with US President Joe Biden last September promising to “fight…discrimination against the LGBTQI+ community,” activists in Kiev have demanded that he fire one of his top advisors, Alexey Arestovich, for calling them “deviant.”

We are sending Ukraine $50 billion. I am guessing that the aid will be used to force LGBTQI+ laws.

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