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How Some Women Hate Incel Freaks

Scott Aaronson is a famous computer science professor, former nerdy incel, and popular blogger. He is now married with two kids. Apparently he still matches the nerdy incel stereotype, and some despise him for it. See this in the name of a female grad student who has since disavowed it:
Annnnnndddd now the famous free-speech-defending rationalist blogger with all his “principles” stoops to the level of doxxing commenters on his site who call him out on his sexist bullshit. Who would have guessed.

FYI, I do have a friend who knows somebody who was at a workship with Scott, and yes, he is a bit creepy. The word on the street is that he wears the same dirty T-shirt pretty much every day. Personal hygiene leaves something to be desired, to put it lightly. And does give off a weird/awkward/creepy vibe. At least that’s what people tell me.

I know his type. I’ve been harassed and flirted with by a (well-known) professor at CalTech. It fucking hurts. It’s so gross. I’ve had professors where—yeah, I could just tell they were oggling me, even if it didn’t rise to the level of overt harassment. And the other men in your program. I don’t want to be looked at, I don’t want to be oggled, I don’t want comments on my appearance. Imagine walking into a room of 90% guys and seeing them turn to oggle you. Imagine the awkward flirting and desperate attempts to ask you out. And they’re always so awkward and weird about it. They never have any confidence. You hear the heavy breathing and the “uhmmmm…ex…ex…excuse me, uh…I was wondering if…” 🤮 It’s like get some fucking confidence guys. It’s so awkward and gross and creepy. I’ve had many uncomfy moments, guys trying to ask me out or compliment me on my appearance or make awkward small talk, and I’ve had the occassional moment where I felt actively unsafe. There are so many of these weird/awkward creeps who are so desperate and don’t know how to fit in or socialize or even ask a girl out without sounding creepy. It makes working in STEM a living hell.

So yeah, I know Scott’s type. I can smell the unwashed T-shirt with the orange soda stain and the BO from here 🤮 I can hear his creepy breathing and stuttering “uhmmm, A…Aida…I was uhmm wondering if uhmmm maybe you uhhhh…” 🤮 These incel freaks need to get the fuck out of science. Maybe go work in Russia where they’re all sexist men like you.

As another comment summarizes:
“I hate it when people judge me based on my appearance” … “You look like a creep.”
“I hate it when guys compliment me on my appearance” … “Here’s an insult about your appearance.”
“I hate it when guys stereotype” … “I know his type.”
She says that someone appears to be impersonating her, but does not say that someone is impersonating her.

Whether the grad student comment is properly attributed or not, it does demonstrate some female attitudes. She pretends that her life is made miserable by incidents that are quite trivial. She complains when men flirt with her, but only if those men do not measure up to her expectations in some way. She complains that some men do not know how to socialize, but she is obviously terrible at socializing herself.

Most of all, she despises the "incel freaks" so much that she wants them to get out of science!

Even more vile hatred comes from a deranged man turned trans woman signing as "Typical Scott". Read them yourself for examples of crazy woke destructiveness.

Aaronson said he was considering restricting comments to be non-anonymous, but then he got a bunch of forged comments from Computer Science professors. Some of the comments were very innocuous, such as vacation recommendations. Apparently some people will go to a lot of trouble to bully someone perceived as a nerdy incel type.

Aaronson is a leftist Trump-hater who goes along with 95% of the Leftist agenda, and is hated because he refuses to go along with the last 5%.

If any of these people had any real grievances, they would be targeting the causes.

Another comment:

I’m having a hard time believing a PhD at CalTech would be so foolish as to post a comment like Aida’s, but if it *is* her, I can only imagine she felt safe in doing so due to having been “harassed and flirted with by a (well-known) professor”. What a world we live in.
Yes, that is the crazy world we live in. An intelligent woman can post something very foolish because she has her own trivial MeToo grievance.

We used to have feminists who claimed that they wanted equality with men. Just give them the opportunities, and they will do what the men do.

It was always a lie. These women whine endlessly about things that no man would ever complain about.

Update: I posted this comment to Aaronson's blog, referring to him going to work for OpenAI to study the ethics of AI:

Scott, in your new job, I hope you consider that we could be witnessing the AI of the future. Companies like Disney will hire unscrupulous marketing firms that create intelligent bots to promote their products. The bots will scan your blog, figure out what triggers you, select impersonations that might plausibly post comments, determine how to get comments past your moderation scheme, drive you into a rage, and ultimately sell you on a vacation cruise to get away from the madness. If done well, no one will ever know what is real and what is not.

Or maybe someone did this to you just to open your eyes to what an evil AI might do.

For more from the grad student, see this essay trashing physicist R.P. Feyman:
When family friends heard that I wanted to be a physicist, I was gifted not one but two copies of “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!”: (Adventures of a Curious Character). Mainly autobiographical, Surely You’re Joking is a collection of anecdotes from the physicist Richard Feynman that span his youth, work on the Manhattan project, and experiences as a Caltech professor in the 60’s and 70’s, at which point he was well-established as one of the greatest minds of the 20th century. ...

Either I had misjudged Feynman, or others weren’t judging him enough. I borrowed a copy of Surely You’re Joking from the Caltech library (there are 11 available) to investigate. In my second reading, I learned that Feynman enjoyed doing research at topless bars near Caltech, where he also picked up a habit of drawing nude portraits of women.1 ...

We must condemn harassment and discrimination, wherever they occur—our lab meetings, our conferences, our scientific spaces.

So she lost her copies, and needed library copies? Things that did not offend her before, suddenly became offensive after taking a women's studies class?

She has no examples of actual harassment or discriminiation. If anything, she has benefitted from policies favoring women, and she is harassing incel types.

Update: She wrote:

But we must consider Feynman in all his manifestations—a brilliant scientist, but also a narcissist whose sexist behavior did undeniable harm.
I do deny that his behavior did any harm. She gives no examples of harm. She just has a feminist belief in restricting what he can do.

Some messages suggested that she is Iranian and anti-Israel, and that may have caused hostility towards Feynman and Aaronson, as they are Jewish. I doubt it. I think she is just following the feminist MeToo playbook, and trying to sexually punish men in misguided pursuit of female sexual advancement. This is what feminism is all about.

Update: Here is a video on Ben Shapiro Explains the REAL History of Feminism. It is pretty good, leading up the trans denial of sex. But he bypasses the MeToo anti-male feminism that I think is the dominant form today. It seeks to expand female freedom and choice, while constricting men's.

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