Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Women Follow Social Consensus

Here is an amusing rant:
Men care less about consensus, but generally like to cooperate with authority. However, they also want to feel if they have concerns or questions, they can voice these to the authority and have them addressed in a straightforward and frank manner. If a leader has a history of making good decisions that benefited the people, and a man voices a concern, and the leader’s answer is simply “you’re just going to have to trust me on this,” that will be enough, if it is an answer that is used sparingly. If a leader has a history of bad decisions, and becomes erratic and angry when questioned, he is likely to be removed as the leader by the men of the group.

But we live in a society that is totally dominated by women. Virtually all men defer to women, due to the feminist project, which has given women complete control over sex and relationships, which are of primary concern to men. Furthermore, as women are the ultimate arbitrators of society, men have begun to take on feminine character traits, and act like women. This is not different than men in Rome wanting to be like Julius Caesar or Hercules.

Women are totally obsessed with social consensus. They not only believe social consensus, but they enforce it against those who question it.

In modern America, you have dual social consensuses in the form of left and right, but these are increasingly merging. With the Ukraine situation, Fox News is even more extreme than CNN. So you’re not going to find women who disagree with this consensus.

The nature of women is a hard reality of nature you just have to deal with.

I’ve said many times – if you find some woman who is “red pilled” and repeating right-wing talking points, you’ve found an insane woman. It is the basic and fundamental biology of women to agree with the consensus, so if a woman doesn’t do that, she has something seriously wrong with her.

This also speaks to the issue of trying to convince women of things, or really having serious conversations with them about anything.

Ultimately: it is pointless to rage against the masses and wish they would “wake up.” They’re not going to. We are totally locked into this thing, until something gives and removes women from power. Until that point, the media is going to be able to broadcast a social consensus, and it will be followed by the large mass of society.

Getting angry about it is like getting angry at the rain.

No, I do not agree with this. But Google and others have tried to kick the site off the internet, and I don't agree with that also. The site has many amusing insights. The above is funny because there is a grain of truth to it.

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