Thursday, March 10, 2022

Feminism is a mental illness

The NY Post reports:
South Korea has elected a new president, Yoon Suk-yeol, after a nail-biter of a vote ...

Yoon, the conservative opposition choice, pledged to do away with a government agency devoted to women’s equality ...

The mudslinging has played out in a country deeply concerned with rising home prices and youth unemployment, with both candidates accused of misogyny by women’s groups.

The NY Times reports:

“Out with man haters!” they shouted. “Feminism is a mental illness!”

On the streets, such rallies would be easy to dismiss as the extreme rhetoric of a fringe group. But the anti-feminist sentiments are being amplified online, finding a vast audience that is increasingly imposing its agenda on South Korean society and politics.

These male activists have targeted anything that smacks of feminism, forcing a university to cancel a lecture by a woman they accused of spreading misandry. ...

“We don’t hate women, and we don’t oppose elevating their rights,” said Bae In-kyu, 31, the head of Man on Solidarity, one of the country’s most active anti-feminist groups. “But feminists are a social evil.” . .

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