Thursday, March 17, 2022

SciAm pushes Leftist Immigration Propaganda

SciAm reports on a supposed bias in USA immigration:
The U.S. associates two statues with the cornerstones of its republic. The two figures are the Statue of Liberty, her torch lighting the way for immigrants, and Lady Justice, blindfolded to avoid bias from the eyes in the court.
The first immigration law was limited to free white persons of good character.
Using information from 2,687,101 applications ... overall, about 92 percent of people who applied were approved. ... about 86.43 percent for Black Muslim applicants, who had the lowest chances. ...

What is especially striking, Ryo says, is that federal law mandates uniformity in how applicants are treated in the naturalization process, regardless of demographic factors, such as race and religion. If uniformity were truly in effect, “we should not expect to see even small differences,” she says.

Wow, this is a very small difference to complain about.

People get rejected for having criminal backgrounds, or bad character. It is likely that the Black Muslim applicants have the worst character.

Why is Scientific American magazine trying to get more Black Muslims into the USA? There is no legal or scientific justification. The USA has many problems, but a lack of Black Muslims is not one of them. Those statues were not invitations to Black Muslims.

Other potential influences are structural, such as the fact that law enforcement disproportionately targets Black people, raising their odds of a criminal history that could feed into the “good moral character” determination, she says.
So it admits that Blacks are more likely to have criminal records. Police target Blacks more because Blacks commit more crimes.

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