Thursday, March 03, 2022

Why Ukraine must be Defended

CBS News reports:
Zi Faámelu was born and raised in Crimea, an area of Ukraine that was invaded and taken over by Russia in 2014. Now the 31-year-old lives in Kyiv, the capital city that has been under Russian siege for nearly a week. She is running out of food and hasn't left her house for days as gunfire erupts outside.

And she says she can't leave.

Faámelu, who is transgender, said that transphobia is pervasive in the city and neighboring countries, and fears that if she leaves, the tension of the ongoing conflict will make her more susceptible to violence. Faámelu was previously a popular contestant on the Ukrainian singing competition show "Star Factory."

It is alarming how many people want war.

Some say Putin is evil, criminal, or a madman. Maybe so, I don't know. Whether he is or not, this war is unnecessary.

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