Friday, August 20, 2021

Repairing the World with Vaccine Passports

Karl Haemers writes:
Certain Jews continue to emerge into view as the Covid phenomenon grinds onward and upward. ...

To fully confirm the Jewish embeddedness of Peter Hotez, we refer to his 2017 essay “‘Science Tikkun’: Repairing the World through the Science of Neglected Diseases, Science Diplomacy, and Public Engagement.” Hotez affirms that the Talmudic concept of tikkun olam translates as “repairing the world,” something only the Chosen People are capable of, and something they are obligated to do for the rest of us. Here is how Hotez defines science tikkun:

We define Science Tikkun broadly as an added role for leading U.S. scientists to elevate the profile of their knowledge and findings, and educate leaders in the areas of government, business, religion, the military, the media and other sectors in order to improve the human condition.

One of the ways the world is broken is within the human immune system, and one way that Talmud is going to fix this is through vaccines. Such is the logic of Peter Hotez.

Two years later in 2019 he revisited the concept in another PLoS essay titled “Science tikkun: A framework embracing the right of access to innovation and translational medicine on a global scale.” Here he further explicates the concept of tikkun olam: “According to some religious scholars, the ancient Jewish framework of repairing the parts of the world still left undone after the creation arose some 500 years earlier during the 16th century.”

The NY Post reports:
Sen. Chuck Schumer on Sunday urged the federal government to crack down on the sale of phony COVID-19 vaccination cards — and spread the word that “dumb” people buying the fake inoculation documentation risk spending time behind bars.

“I am urging a federal crackdown on these counterfeit COVID cards and [the start of] an education campaign to make it clear to the American people that this is illegal, you could actually go to prison for buying these,” Schumer (D- NY) said at a press conference in Manhattan.

“There are now people manufacturing and selling fake COVID cards, even though it’s a crime.

“The Feds have to step up their efforts to ameliorate this problem before it gets worse,” said Schumer, the Senate’s majority leader. “The Department of Justice must ensure that fraud cases are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

I post this as an example of Jewish thinking. The rabbis have decided that the goys need to be repaired. The coronavirus vaccine and covid cards are just tools to that end.

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