Sunday, August 15, 2021

Blaming groups that have the Power

Fred Reed writes:
A staple of the columnist’s life is mail embodying a weird obsession with Jews. It is a versatile obsession, suitable for any occasion. If I were to write a column on the economics of watermelon farming in rural Kansas for a conservative site, a high proportion of the comments would consist of angry denunciations of Jews, the Ziomedia, the ZOG, Jew bankers, Marx, the pernicious effects of Jews on watermelons, and the commie plot to destroy Western civilization, as if it were not competent to do it unaided. Given that Jews tend to prosper mightily in Western civilization, it is not clear why they should want to destroy it, but these are deep waters I will not endeavor to plumb. Further, it was not clear how a tiny group, most of whom seemed to be dentists, could destroy civilizations. Unless they were way smarter than the civilizations.

The hostility to Jews is grinding, bitter, and implacable, coming chiefly from conservatives, who by nature are tribal and tend to see existence in terms of threats and conflict. And often have a tendency to see everything whatever as consequent to Jewish plots. Why the rancor and, in particular, why the belief in the unlimited power of Jews? ...

The bitterness, I noted, resemble the hostility of many blacks toward whites. Blacks, at the bottom of society, apparently need someone to blame. Similarly the commenters appeared to resent the Jews for being much more successful that house-and-garden-variety whites (Hagvacas). Might the causes be the same: a resentment of a superior people accompanied by an unwillingness to admit the superiority?

This is funny, but not really true. A lot of leftist politics is led by Jews. A lot of conservative writing complains about those leftist political movements, but 99+% of the time, the conservate writer wl not even mention that he is criticizing a Jewish view.

I understand wanting to punch up rather than punch down. For that reason, a lot of conservatives are reluctant to criticize Blacks. They might think that criminal Blacks are a public menace, but it is bad taste to criticize poor people who cannot control themselves.

But that would not be true about Jews, as they are the most privileged, powerful, and influential ethnic group. They are so powerful that punching up is dangerous.

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