Sunday, August 01, 2021

Jamaicans Win Gold Again

Three Jamaicans win the women's 100m sprint. How can that be? Jamaica is a small poor country.

There is a theory that Janaicans use performance enhancing drugs. That may be, but they are still beating the other cheaters.

Geneticist Razib Khan reviews books on genetic determination by Murray and Wyman.

Someone may comment that genes cannot be determinitive because some Jamaicans are lousy sprinters. Yes, obviously. Only twins have the same genes.

There are big differences in human populations. Statistical data prove this. The data do not necessarily prove that the cause is genetic. But whether genetic or not, the differences are not likely to be erased anytime soon.

The above books are not really genetics determinist, as it is not clear that behavior can be predicted from genes. But no one wants to read those books, because they do not want to face uncomfortable facts about human populations.

Update: The men's 100m sprint was won by a non-Jamaican who is only half Black. The Chinese have been doing very well in the Olympics, and even placed a sprinter in the 100m finals.

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