Wednesday, May 19, 2021

NPR purges men, even if leftist kooks

The LA Times reports:
In a statement Monday, NYPR said, “New York Public Radio has terminated the employment of Bob Garfield, co-host of On the Media, as a result of a pattern of behavior that violated NYPR’s anti-bullying policy. ...

Garfield, journalist, author and podcaster, responded via tweet Monday: “I was fired not for 'bullying' per se, but for yelling in 5 meetings over 20 years. Anger mismanagement, sorry to say. But in all cases, the provocations were just shocking. In time, the story will emerge ... and it is tragic. On the Media was the pride and joy of my career.”

I think he was the last cis-gendered male host at NPR Radio.

NPR has systematically replaced all its male hosts with females.

Garfield was a lunatic Trump-hater. He had one entire program devoted to complaints that the news media was supporting the Trump agenda. The only examples in the hour were from Sean Hannity. Another whole program complained that the news media was reluctant to call out Trump as Hitler, when he argued that Trump really was literally the same as Hitler.

His show never had a balanced treatment of any issue. In all of NPR Radio, I have never heard a balanced treatment of any Trump-related issue.

Here is a PBS TV video celebrating 50 years of women dominating NPR radio.

Update: The NY Times has some details:

Then this spring, Mr. Garfield suffered a shoulder injury. During a virtual meeting with his colleagues, he said he needed surgery sooner than planned. He said he then faced 15 minutes of what he viewed as “bullying” from Ms. Gladstone and their executive producer, and which they viewed as him bullying them, according to a spokeswoman.

Depending on whom you ask, WNYC is experiencing either an epidemic of bullying or an epidemic of whining....

Even by the standards of our fraught media moment, public radio — and the parts of the podcast industry that emerged from it — has been beset by seemingly constant clashes that can be difficult for outsiders to make sense of.

The reasons are partly structural. ... And radio stations filled with idealists who view themselves as working for the public good are often led by people whose greatest skill is raising millions of dollars from affluent donors.

I would expect more of this in businesses that allow themselves to be dominated by leftist ideologues.

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