Saturday, June 30, 2018

Evolutionary biologist is latest MeToo victim

Here is the latest MeToo victim:
Francisco J. Ayala, one of the world’s most eminent evolutionary biologists and a major benefactor of the University of California, Irvine, has resigned his position there after a monthslong investigation into allegations of sexual harassment. ...

At issue, she said, were “inappropriate comments and other kinds of behavior,” including unwanted touching.

“This was a widely known problem,” Ms. Liberty added. “There were conversations people had, like stay away from him, don’t be alone with him, don’t be in an elevator with him.”
The man was a very distinguished professor. He donated $10 million to the university. He is 84 years old. His friends say that he did nothing wrong. There are no public charges against him.

These stories are increasingly bizarre. What possible harm could an 84yo professor emeritus do? What did the fantasize that he might do in an elevator?

The university should give him his $10M back.

Another evolutionary biologist hates him because he was not sufficiently atheistic, and complains:
At Davis Ayala had the reputation of being a letcher, or at least of having a “keen eye for the ladies.” I remember well one of his graduate students, an attractive woman, telling me that when she met with Ayala and wanted to ask him for something, she’d always wear a very short skirt to curry his favor. I don’t recall any direct accusations of sexual harassment, ...
If she was wearing the short skirt to manipulate him, then she was the one doing the sexual harassing.

I don't have the facts here, but I do not see how any "inappropriate comments" could possibly justify this action. Universities have been taken over by creeps.

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