Sunday, July 01, 2018

Trump-haters say nonviolence is not enough

From a NY Times op-ed:
This misunderstanding is widespread. Democratic leaders have lashed out at an epidemic of uncivil behavior in their own ranks. ...

The theme: We need a little more love, a little more Martin Luther King, a dollop of Gandhi. Be polite, be civil, present arguments thoughtfully and reasonably. Appeal to people’s better angels. Take the moral high ground above Trump and his supporters’ low road. Above all, don’t disrupt.

This sugarcoating of protest has a long history. ...

But, in fact, civil rights leaders, while they did believe in the power of nonviolence, knew that their success depended on disruption and coercion as much — sometimes more — than on dialogue and persuasion. They knew that the vast majority of whites who were indifferent or openly hostile to the demands of civil rights would not be moved by appeals to the American creed or to bromides about liberty and justice for all. Polite words would not change their behavior.
I believe that much of the Left wants to start a civil war.

Every Democrat appointment to the Supreme Court since FDR has been a hard-core leftist ideologue. The NY Times top story today is that one of them (a Jewish woman) complains that conservatives have "weaponized" the constitutional right to free speech.

95% of the news media endorsed Hillary Clinton in the last election, and newspapers like the NY Times print extreme nasty attacks on President Trump on a daily basis. And now it complains that Trump supporters might have free speech rights also!

For the Left, polite debate is not working. They want more name-calling, Hitler comparisons, and uncivil confrontations. Soon they will be actively encouraging non-whites to violently attack whites. I think that this is going to get ugly.

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MD Cory said...

They want war with Russia, who we just antagonize with NATO. They will risk WW3. They're lunatics.