Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Jewish Russian-American goes full Nazi

The Russian-born Jewish warmonger Max Boot calls himself a conservative, but he is pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ, pro-war, anti-Trump, and always in favor of policies to exterminate white Christians.

He writes in WashPost:
Up until now, Trumpism has been a largely victimless crime. Or, to be exact, one whose victims were largely speculative and unnamed.

President Trump has been doing great damage to the fabric of our democracy with his venomous attacks on the free press (“Our Country’s biggest enemy”), the FBI (a “den of thieves and lowlifes”), people of color (who hail from “shithole countries” and “maybe shouldn’t be in the country” if they don’t stand for the national anthem), the political opposition (traitors who don’t “seem to love our country very much”) and other favorite targets. He has been doing just as much damage to America’s international standing by attacking our allies (e.g., calling Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “very dishonest & weak”) and praising our enemies (e.g., calling North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “tough,” “smart,” “talented,” “funny”) while launching trade wars and tearing up international agreements.

Many have warned that this country will pay a heavy cost in the long run for Trump’s destructive acts. ...

The almost 2,000 kids taken from their families over a six-week period and warehoused in detention facilities that some compare to Nazi concentration camps are not speculative, theoretical victims. ...

His GOP enablers are so craven, so soulless, so abject in their dishonor that they will allow any amount of human suffering rather than risk suffering the wrath of Trump. The president may finally decide to end the family-separation policy simply to stem the deluge of calamitous publicity, but he won’t be forced to act by Congress. If only we could keep the hard-working Latin American newcomers and deport the contemptible Republican cowards — that would truly enhance America’s greatness.
In other words, he wants a policy that will let in Latino illegals, as long as they kidnap a child on their way to the border.

I am actually a little surprised that he goes Nazi with his argument. I thought that it was anti-Semitic to compare anything to the Holocaust. At any rate, Boot is the one here who suggests deporting American-born citizen white Christians as undesirables.

It seems clear that Boot has no allegiance to the USA, and that he seeks to undermine non-Jewish whites at every opportunity. Apparently it is completely respectable for mainstream newspapers to print this garbage.

Yes, newspapers like the Wash. Post are enemies of this country. Yes, the FBI has been exposed as corrupt. The term "shithole countries" refers to conditions on the countries, and not the skin color. But of course Jews like Boot generate racial animosity at every opportunity. Yes, Trump has had to deal with traitors. Boot probably wants war with N. Korea and Russia, as he often advocates war elsewhere. I am glad we have a President who tries to avoid war.

The vast majority of high-profile Jews in the USA are liberal Democrats, who openly attack white Christian conservatives at every opportunity. Boot is one of those rare Jews who calls himself a conservative, but he also attacks white Christian conservatives at every opportunity.

Speaking of Nazis, RT reports:
A scale model of a fictional Nazi flying saucer has been removed from sale after the controversial product faced harsh criticism from German historians and child protection groups.

The scale plastic model, entitled ‘Flying Saucer Haunebu II,’ has been sold on Amazon for €49.99 since May. But the model’s producer, Revell, announced on Tuesday that it has removed the model from its stock due to “criticism in recent days.”
This is weird. I guess I knew that swastikas were illegal in Germany, but banning a Nazi flying saucer?! The Nazis did not really have flying saucers. What could the Germans possibly be worried about?

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