Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Farrow family gets exposed

Ronan Farrow and the MeToo avengers continue to pursue their path of destruction. Before you accept what they are doing, you should learn about what sort of damaged creeps you are listening to.

His brother, via adoption, Moses Farrow, writes:
I’m a very private person and not at all interested in public attention. But, given the incredibly inaccurate and misleading attacks on my father, Woody Allen, I feel that I can no longer stay silent as he continues to be condemned for a crime he did not commit. ...

But the fatal dysfunction within my childhood home had nothing to do with Woody. It began long before he entered the picture and came straight from a deep and persistent darkness within the Farrow family.
A lot of ppl have formed a negative opinion of Woody Allen, but read the above about the background of his chief accuser, Mia Farrow. From her family, there are stories of molestations, suicides, lies, adultery, vengeance, etc.

However bad Woody Allen is, Mia Farrow and her relatives are 10x worse.

It is not clear whether Ronan Farrow knows whether his father is Woody Allen or Frank Sinatra. Either way, he is a deeply disturbed man from a deeply disturbed and damaged family. The whole MeToo movement is being driven by sick people.

On the subject of MeToo, here is an 80-year-old gay actor dealing with a dubious accusation from 1981. The accuser cannot seem to get his story straight, but who remembers anything from 1981 anyway?

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