Thursday, May 31, 2018

Adoptions use fake birth certificates here also

The NY Times reports:
Now, the Irish government, after years of inaction, has begun pulling away the veil. On Wednesday, it apologized after an inquiry into what some activists fear was once common: falsifying birth certificates to make it appear that adoptive parents were the birth ones.

That inquiry, into just a single adoption agency, found that at least 126 children were affected. ...

Ireland has begun grappling in recent years with the legacy of its treatment of unwed mothers, as scandal after scandal from its past as a strongly Roman Catholic country emerge. They have helped propel a cultural shift in Ireland, and a weakening of the church’s influence, and led to referendums legalizing divorce, gay marriage and, last week, abortion. ...

In at least 126 cases, the authorities said, babies born to unmarried mothers were adopted and their adoptive parents’ names were written on their birth certificates, instead of the name of the birth mother.
This is yet another bigoted anti-Catholic article from this Jewish newspaper.

How was this Irish practice any different from how things are done the USA today? From an adoption site:
When a child is adopted, along with finalization papers, an amended birth certificate (ABC) is issued which can show any or all of the information on the original but replaces the birth parents’ names with those of the adoptive parents, and the child’s name given at birth with the new name (if this is being changed). This is given to the adoptive parents.

The original birth certificate is then placed with other adoption records and the file is sealed by the court. The original birth certificate is generally not available to the adopted person… ever.
In some states, there is no original birth certificate if the adoption is done before birth. The only birth certificate is the one with the adoptive parents.

Maybe adopted kids should be told about the adoption and their birth parents, but American law has no such obligation. The adopted kid can get his own birth certificate, and never have any clue that it has been faked to show his adopted parents as his birth parents.

The NY Times article does not mention any of this, but instead just blames Irish Catholics and cheers trends towards divorce, gay marriage, and abortion. This is just another Jewish attempt to undermine Christianity. Christian newspapers don't write articles complaining about Jewish adoptions.

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